It’s Not All Sunshine and Beaches

    Cape Cod is naturally associated with beaches, sunshine, vacation and summer. The Cape has hundreds of beaches and outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained, but what is there to do when it isn’t sunny? The Cape has tons of indoor activities and attractions that so many people don’t think of. So the next time you plan your vacation or head down for the day and it turns out cloudy, windy or rainy don’t fret. Here are some fun things you can do instead.

    The Cape has tons of museums that can tell you all about the rich history of the town. If history isn’t your bag, how about visiting a pirate museum? Some Cape museums have a scavenger hunt you and the family can go on, picking up and solving clues to see where in the museum you’re supposed to go next.

    The shores of Cape Cod feature 15 lighthouses, all available to tour. While it might not be the beach, the lighthouses are just as beautiful and come with some amazing backstories. If you love the view and artistry of the lighthouses then visiting some art galleries might intrigue you. The Cape has tons of small and larger art galleries filled with a wide variety of art.

    Cape Cod isn’t just famous for its beaches and lighthouses; it’s also famous for its potato chip factory. Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory is open for tours and shows visitors exactly what happens in the factory and how the delicious, crunch chips are made. At the end of the tour you even get to pick out a small bag of chips to take with you on the road.

    With so many shops around it’s hard to resist, so why bother trying to? Go ahead and hit the shops. Try some Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy, grab a souvenir, or perhaps grab some homemade ice cream. Shopping is great, but if you’re with kids sometimes it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Instead, head to one of the many toys or game shops pick up a few board games and head home and try them out.

    Sometimes a little rain isn’t all bad, even at the beach. Instead of staying in, throw on a rain jacket or poncho and head down to the beach. As long as there’s no thunder or lightning a rainy beach day can be a blast. The rain makes the sand perfect for building castles or other figures. Not to mention the rain may not last all day and you might be able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow while you’re there. With so much to offer and with such variety there’s something for everyone and every occasion, no matter what the weather when you’re down the Cape.

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